Private Foundation Services

Private foundations must comply with unique and complex tax regulations. In addition, foundations’ tax returns are publicly available, so it’s vital that you report the position of your foundation well to the IRS and potential donors.

Our team is well-versed in the unique complexities and challenges private foundations face.

We offer a range of private foundation services to help you stay in compliance, identify potential risks, and effectively plan for the future, including:

  •  Foundation design and structure, and formation
  • IRS determination applications (Form 1023)
  • Form 990-PF tax compliance services
  • Distribution planning
  • Compensation calculation reports – 990-PF-based
  • International grantmaking protocols (good-faith determinations)
  • Self-dealing excise tax analysis
  • Set-aside planning (IRS approval and 60-month payment)
  • Calculation report for aggregate fair market value (FMV) of assets
  • Excess business holdings tracking and analysis
  • Jeopardizing investments analysis
  • Program-related investment advisory services
  • Revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Analysis of potentially taxable expenditures

Please contact us to discuss your foundation’s specific needs and learn how we can serve you.