Nonprofit Compensation Studies

Like all employers, nonprofit organizations need to attract and retain qualified employees. But they also need to do this while stewarding limited resources, maintaining donor and stakeholder trust, and competing with other nonprofits and for-profit companies for top talent.

CapinCrouse can help. With over 50 years of experience serving nonprofits, we know how crucial it is to recruit and keep dedicated, passionate employees who align with your mission. And we have a deep understanding of the complexities of the nonprofit sector, the unique operational and financial challenges you face, and the complex IRS rules around nonprofit executive compensation.


Customized Reporting and Benchmarking

Our nonprofit compensation studies are designed to help your organization steward your resources well, ensure financial transparency, and comply with IRS regulations while attracting and retaining the qualified employees you need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Unlike a general nonprofit salary survey or report, each of our compensation studies provides a tailored, comprehensive analysis prepared by our compensation specialists. We use the latest nonprofit salary data, peer comparisons, and strategies to save you time and effort while providing detailed information specific to your organization.

Your nonprofit is unique, and your compensation strategy should be, too.


Data-Driven Insight and Analysis to Help You Make Informed Decisions

CapinCrouse offers two nonprofit compensation studies to meet your needs:

  • The Nonprofit Executive Compensation Study for executive-level positions in your organization. The study is designed to help you evaluate the competitiveness of your nonprofit executive compensation while complying with IRS rules and protecting your executives and board members from costly penalties.
  • The Nonprofit Employee Compensation Market Study for non-executive positions in your organization. This includes a comprehensive analysis of each unique position and compensation using industry databases and the development of job matches and market benchmarks.

You’ll receive a detailed report and targeted data to help your organization make informed compensation decisions and align your nonprofit salary and benefits packages with market best practices.


Get the Nonprofit Compensation Tools and Insight You Need

A well-structured compensation strategy can have a direct, positive impact on your organization’s ability to achieve its mission. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


Additional Nonprofit Compensation Resources

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