Church Financial Health Index™


The dashboard of your vehicle provides vital information on how fast you’re traveling, how much fuel you have, and whether there are any potential problems.

The CapinCrouse Church Financial Health Index can do the same for your church. This online dashboard provides key measures, ratios, benchmarks, and peer information to help you see where you’ve been, identify and address any issues, and plan the best route forward.

We used expertise gained from working with hundreds of churches to create a tool that puts the financial information you need in one convenient online tool.

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The Key Information You Need, All In One Convenient Dashboard

CapinCrouse clients (including churches with annual engagements for audit, review, or compilation financial statements) receive free, unlimited access to the Index. You’ll receive:

  • Access to ratios and measures designed to help you assess your church’s financial condition and identify and track important financial trends
  • Benchmark and peer information to help you analyze your results and make informed strategic decisions
  • A report card that discusses your results for certain ratios and identifies action steps to take
  • An in-depth white paper explaining the importance of each ratio, measurement, and benchmark provided and how to improve your results

You can also use the Index throughout the year to:

  • Track budget data
  • Monitor interim results
  • Compare to peer churches

We will help you prepare your data and will meet with you or your board to discuss the results, key areas for improvement, and action steps.

Questions about the Index and how it could benefit your church? Please contact us to learn more.

Note: If you are an existing CapinCrouse client and need assistance with the Church Financial Health Index, please contact us at [email protected].

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