Nonprofit Checkup

Are you sure your organization is in full compliance with constantly changing nonprofit tax laws and regulations? Do you have the right safeguards in place to protect against fraud? Are there opportunities to strengthen your organizational policies? What about your financial reporting and monitoring procedures?

Analysis & Recommendations to Help You Accomplish Your Mission

The CapinCrouse Nonprofit Checkup™ was designed to help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve your financial operations and more effectively accomplish your mission.

This service provides a comprehensive, customizable analysis of your organization’s operational health. It consists of the following areas of service, which can be purchased collectively or individually to fit your organization’s needs.

Administrative/Governance – We will review your corporate and administrative documents, policies, and information, including:

  • Articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Board and other policies, including gift acceptance, investment, conflict of interest, intellectual property, and record retention and destruction

Internal Controls – We’ll assess your internal control documentation, policies, and procedures to help determine whether you have the appropriate checks and balances in place to safeguard your assets and help prevent fraudulent activity or financial reporting. This includes a review of:

  • Contributions, revenue and cash receipts, cash disbursements, and payroll
  • Journal entries, vendor approval, and technology user rights

Financial Reporting – We will analyze your financial accounting functions, procedures, and reporting to identify strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions for improvement. This includes:

  • Chart of accounts and financial reporting structure
  • Key areas such as handling donor-restricted contributions and net assets, fixed assets, and others

Tax Compliance – We’ll review key areas of tax risk and compliance, including:

  • Correspondence concerning your exempt status with the IRS and state agencies
  • Personnel files and payroll records, including federal and state returns and reports (941s, W-2s, etc.)
  • Special areas such as documentation for withholdings, I-9 Forms, ordination of ministers, and designation of housing allowances, spousal travel, sales tax, unrelated business income, and other
The Information You Need to Move Forward

At the end of the checkup, you will receive a confidential, customized report with an executive summary of our findings and recommendations, including sample policies and other information. This is intended to address:

  • Weaknesses or potential issues
  • Areas for improvement
  • Action steps and tips based on current best practices for nonprofits

The CapinCrouse Nonprofit Checkup is scalable, and we can customize a solution to fit your organization’s specific needs. Please contact us for details. 

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