Nonprofit Employee Compensation Market Study

Employee compensation is a complex issue in today’s tight labor market. And nonprofit employers need to attract qualified talent while demonstrating good stewardship of their resources and maintaining certain operations expense ratios.

CapinCrouse can help your nonprofit navigate these complexities and make informed decisions about your employee compensation.


Data and Analysis to Help Your Nonprofit Determine Effective Employee Compensation

CapinCrouse only serves nonprofit organizations, which means we understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to employee compensation. Our Nonprofit Employee Compensation Market Study provides tools and insight to help you provide competitive compensation and attract and retain the talented employees you need as you work to fulfill your mission.

Unlike a broad survey about nonprofit employee compensation in general, the CapinCrouse Nonprofit Employee Compensation Market Study provides compensation data and insight specific to your organization.

Each study consists of two service components to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Compensation Study – A comprehensive analysis of the position and compensation using industry databases and the development of job matches and market benchmarks.
  • Compensation Comparison Analysis – An analysis of compensation data specific to each unique position, compiled into a summary worksheet accompanied by a narrative explaining our findings.

When your CapinCrouse Nonprofit Employee Compensation Market Study is complete, you will receive a detailed report to help your organization make informed compensation decisions. This will give your organization the tools it needs to compare, quantify, analyze, and approve employee compensation amounts for your leadership in a structured and informed manner. You can see a report summary here.

Each study is valid for two years. If you have organizational changes change or a previous compensation study is reaching the two-year mark, we recommend that you have a new study completed.


Ready to Get Started?

Our team is equipped with the latest data and strategies to help you offer your employees competitive compensation while demonstrating good stewardship of your resources and maintaining public trust.

Please contact us to learn more or to schedule a call with our compensation specialists.

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