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Nonprofit Issues Newsletter, June 2020

Leading through a time of accelerating change, cloud computing security considerations, higher education insight, and more.


Transitioning from Now to Next: Leading Through a Time of Accelerating Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nonprofit leaders to face many uncertain scenarios and make rapid adjustments to their operational models in order to continue to meet the needs of their constituents and deliver on their mission.

Learn eight things leaders say when they fear change and practical solutions to address this fear.


Security in a Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud computing can offer a number of benefits to nonprofit organizations, including cost savings and flexibility. With the move to a remote workforce, most organizations are now using the cloud in some manner.

If your organization uses a cloud computing environment, it’s important to understand the inherent security risks and take steps to reduce them. Here’s what you need to know.


How “Stressed” Is Your Institution?

Higher education prognosticators were predicting the demise of the industry well before the World Health Organization identified a novel coronavirus in January 2020. The need for an updated roadmap for institutions of higher education became urgent when the resulting COVID-19 disease was declared a pandemic in March.

See how to apply methodology to understand if your institution is at risk.


Revenue Recognition and Lease Standards Deferrals

The FASB officially issued ASU 2020-05, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic 606) and Leases (Topic 842) to allow certain companies and organizations that have not yet applied the revenue recognition and leases guidance to delay their implementation by one year. Learn more.



Employee Spotlight: Chris DuKate

Chris DuKate joined the firm as Principal in December and has a passion for serving nonprofit organizations.

“I’m excited to join CapinCrouse, a firm with a rich reputation and tradition of serving mission-focused organizations,” Chris said. “I’ve spent my entire career serving the nonprofit community, and look forward to continuing to provide value-add services to this industry.” Read more about Chris.


CapinCrouse Appoints Three New Partners

We are pleased to announce that Lisa R. Saul, Rachel McMichael, and Allison Davis have been admitted as partners in the firm effective June 1, 2020. Each is an outstanding professional who serves clients and the firm with distinction.


COVID-19 Resources

We’re adding COVID-19 resources to our website continually as new information becomes available. Check back often for the latest articles, blog posts, webcasts, and news alerts.

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