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Vulnerability Targeting Apple and Android Devices Disclosed

A vulnerability affecting millions of Apple and Android mobile devices can be triggered remotely, without any user interaction. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to access your phone’s internal memory and run any program.

Although this was first reported last month, the vulnerability will receive increased attention this week, when it will be detailed at two large computer security conferences. That will likely result in hackers attempting to exploit the vulnerability before people take protective measures.

If you use Apple or Android mobile devices, it is important to update them to the latest operating system immediately: 

Update Apple devices –

Update Android devices –

Note that on Android devices you may need to perform the update manually if the built-in Software Update comes back as “Device already updated.” That falls on your service provider as they have the final say on your device updates, not Google. However, Google-branded phones (Nexus and Pixel) will get the updates immediately.

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