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Planning Ahead for Cloud Computing Challenges

Cloud computing can offer tremendous flexibility and convenience. But when your organization’s servers, software, databases, and other vital business tools are only available over the Internet, what happens when the cloud goes down or your cloud vendor is hacked?

As the Journal of Accountancy noted in What to do when the cloud goes down, advanced planning can help your organization stay productive during cloud computing challenges. While the article is written for CPA firms, the considerations provided apply to all organizations.

The article includes insight from CapinTech’s Lisa Traina.  Lisa explains the importance of backing up your most vital data off the cloud and asking your vendors for details about their incident response plan.

The article also notes that all organizations should have a disaster recovery plan. Check out Lisa’s article on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning to learn more.

Severe weather will always pose operational challenges for organizations. So will cybersecurity attacks. Planning ahead will help you mitigate the impact of cloud computing challenges and other issues.

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