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Focusing On What Matters Most

In 1972, Dick Capin was looking for a new opportunity to serve God through his work.

During his time in the mission field, Dick had seen missionaries weighed down by administrative and financial responsibilities that kept them from their primary work of changing lives. At the same time, there was little in the way of guidelines, standards, or best practices to help the leaders of Christian ministries in being good and faithful stewards.

The answer came in the form of a new accounting firm — one focused on serving Kingdom ministries. It wasn’t about doing accounting, Dick noted, but doing ministry through accounting.

The new firm began receiving many questions and requests from nonprofits that needed guidance on financial accounting, internal controls, and more. And although Dick had originally planned to run the firm for just five years, it continued to grow to meet demand.

Today, CapinCrouse continues to only serve nonprofits. That focus means that our whole firm specializes in the unique challenges nonprofit organizations face. We have a deep understanding of nonprofit operations and know the ever-changing needs and the importance of financial accountability in this unique environment. And we’re devoted to empowering our clients as they work to accomplish their mission.

At CapinCrouse, our mission statement is more than just words we put on our website. It reflects the core belief our firm was founded on in 1972, and it remains central to our purpose 50 years later:

It is our mission to be empowered professionals providing innovative service to organizations whose outcomes are measured in lives changed.

From digging wells to translating Scripture to feeding those hungry in body and spirit, our clients are transforming lives across the globe, and our focus is on helping them further their life-changing work.

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