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Nonprofit Issues Newsletter, October 2018

Insight on gifts-in-kind, audit committee charters, the current state of higher education, and more.


Gifts-in-Kind: Reporting Contributions of Nonfinancial Assets

Since the standards for recognizing contributions at their fair value were issued in 1993, nonprofits have been challenged to measure the value of the myriad contributions they receive. This controversial area is once again being addressed by watchdog agencies and state attorneys general and should be navigated with care.

Here’s a look at some of the issues and challenges surrounding nonfinancial gifts-in-kind assets.


5 Suggestions to Perfect Your Audit Committee Charter

Even if your organization already has a great audit committee charter, these five suggestions can help strengthen it.


The Current State of Higher Education: Key Issues and Trends

While the higher education industry is large and complex, there are several trends affecting schools of all types and sizes — and faith-based higher education institutions are not immune.

Understanding what is driving the key issues and trends in the industry can help your institution plan strategically as you work to accomplish your mission.


First-Time Employee Benefit Plan Audits: What to Expect

Certain employee benefit plans with 100 or more eligible participants may be required to engage an independent auditor to audit the plan’s financial records.

Although the audit process may seem daunting, it can go smoothly with a little bit of planning and organization. These tips will help you prepare.


Christian Colleges Rank High for Student Engagement

Among the colleges and universities in the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings with the highest student engagement, nine of the top 12 are faith-based.

Read insight from some of our Christian higher education clients about what is driving engagement at their schools.


An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation for Nonprofits

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows organizations to automate certain types of work processes to reduce the time spent on costly manual tasks and increase efforts to deliver mission-critical work.

Learn how RPA could benefit your nonprofit.

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