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Nonprofit Issues Newsletter, June 2019

Insight on the new data privacy laws, effective financial analysis, Uniform Guidance, and other key nonprofit topics.


Beginner’s Guide to Data Privacy Laws

News headlines continue to alert readers to data breaches, but now they are also peppered with updates on new laws appearing on the local, national, and international scene.

These laws are long overdue, and every organization should be aware of what they encompass. Here’s what you need to know, plus five goals to help you reach compliance.


Seven Common Mistakes Churches Make When Performing a Ratio Analysis

When prepared correctly, ratios can provide your church with valuable information about your financial health.

Watching out for these common mistakes will help your church prepare accurate ratios that provide meaningful financial insight.


Knowing What it Costs – The Importance of Marginal Revenue Analysis

Higher education institutions need adequate margins to remain financially sustainable. Although there have been significant efforts and focus on measuring the qualitative and student success factors of programs, the trends in identifying financial contribution margins have not had the benefits of focus or clear data.

See how to identify and act upon areas of efficiency.


Gaining Insight and Resources through the AICPA Not-for-Profit Certificate Programs

The AICPA Not-for-Profit Certificate programs provide in-depth information and insight on the unique accounting, financial reporting, tax, governance, and assurance issues not-for-profit organizations face.

Learn how these programs enhance our existing knowledge and resources, why we recommend them to our clients, and how you can take advantage of a special CapinCrouse client discount. Read more >


The Uniform Guidance – Five Years and Counting

Since the release of the Uniform Guidance in December 2013, entities have worked to establish, update, and review internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Much progress has been made, but there continue to be key areas where entities encounter issues.

This article examines the areas that continue to see issues and findings.


IRS Answers Many Questions on New 21% Executive Compensation Tax

The IRS has provided interim guidance on the excise tax on “excess” executive compensation paid by tax-exempt and certain governmental entities. This tax was enacted as part of the 2017 Tax Reform and Jobs Act.

Learn more about the guidance and requirements here.



Congratulations to Junice Jones

Junice Jones has been named a partner in the firm effective June 1, 2019. She has been with CapinCrouse for 11 years and has extensive professional experience serving nonprofit clients.

Junice’s expertise, leadership, and talent benefit our team and our clients.


CapinCrouse Welcomes Kenneth Tan

We are also pleased to announce that Kenneth Tan has joined CapinCrouse as principal.

He has more than 10 years of public accounting and large nonprofit experience, providing both advisory and assurance services to various nonprofit entities, churches, and mission organizations.


Recorded Webcasts Available

Miss one of our webcasts? Check out the recorded webcasts on our website.

Recent topics include the minister’s housing allowance and parking tax, fraud prevention best practices, and simplifying implementation of FASB ASU 2016-14.

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