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Nonprofit Issues Newsletter, February 2024

Insights and best practices to help your organization optimize your accounting software, budget effectively, assess the administrative costs of Title IV-eligible non-degree programs, and more.


Accounting Tech Stack Optimization

Many people don’t think much about software until there is an issue or they discover that the limitations of their current solutions are holding them back. But if your general ledger accounting system has become outdated, it means that something you use every day to help you make operational decisions isn’t performing at its best.

Optimizing your organization’s accounting solutions can help you take advantage of crucial components that supporting software platforms provide.


6 Key Considerations for Budgeting in Changing Times

Now is the time to think about changes your ministry can make to position itself for the new future we face.

Budgeting effectively when so much is unknown can feel overwhelming, but you can follow these steps to assess and modify your organization’s budget to the new realities we encounter.


The Administrative Costs of Title IV-Eligible Non-Degree Programs

 As costs continue to rise, many higher education institutions are seeking new revenue streams to fund operations. One growing trend is the addition of non-degree programs such as certificates and other post-graduate programs.

There are many complex administrative requirements for determining whether a non-degree program is Title IV-eligible, however. Consider these requirements to help your institution plan strategically and avoid unintended consequences.


Could Outsourced Accounting Services Benefit Your Organization?

Has your church or nonprofit considered outsourced accounting services? Outsourcing can help your organization manage the rapid pace of change and flexibility required to achieve operational health and grow in today’s environment.

Here are four insights about outsourced accounting services to consider and four questions to ask as you  assess the potential benefits for your organization.



Clarifying Guidance on the Federal Tax Treatment of Premiums and Benefits Under State-Paid Family and Medical Leave Programs Requested

 Nine state governors have written to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel to request clarifying guidance on the federal tax treatment of premiums and benefits under state-paid family and medical leave programs. The letter specifically requests “clarifying and current guidance on how both employers and employees should treat these premiums and benefits,” including:

  • Whether taxability depends on the taxpayer itemizing deductions and claiming the state and local tax (SALT) deduction
  • What to do if the amount of the benefits exceeds the amount of premiums paid

We will provide additional information as it becomes available.


Key Federal Tax Figures for 2024

Our annual Key Federal Tax Figures summary is designed to be a helpful resource you can use throughout the year. You can download or print your free copy of our 2024 table here.


Join Us at an Upcoming Higher Education Roundtable 

Texas-area student financial aid and higher education leaders are invited to join us in person at our 2024 Student Financial Aid Roundtable on Wednesday, March 20 and the 2024 Texas Higher Education Roundtable on Thursday, March 21. Both events will be held at Dallas Theological Seminary.

We will also be offering a virtual National Higher Education Roundtable on Tuesday, April 2. Please mark your calendar and plan to join us. Details and registration will be available soon.


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