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Nonprofit Issues Newsletter, August 2020

The ministry of management, plus budget, internal control, and compensation considerations in a COVID-19 environment.

The Ministry of Management

While the word “management” does not appear in Scripture, the functions of management are part of the activities of the gift of administration or governing mentioned in Romans 12 and I Corinthians 12. To operate most effectively, ministries need people who understand management and desire to use their skills to serve God in this manner, either as an employee, board or committee member, consultant, or volunteer.

Guest author Jim Canning shares his insight on the ministry of management and the continual need for skilled people wanting to serve the Lord in this manner.


Reforecasting Your Budget

A static budget is useful when spending is generally predictable and consistent. However, it can become cumbersome and unhelpful when your organization sees major changes, and the variances, while explainable, render the static budget meaningless.

Learn how to reforecast a static budget so your executive team can make informed decisions quickly and effectively.


Strengthening Internal Control in the COVID-19 Environment

A strong internal control system has always been a priority for nonprofit audit committees and management. Now organizations are facing the challenges of dealing with the results of the COVID-19 pandemic, which include a scattered and remote workforce.

Here are five tips your management team should consider to strengthen your internal control environment in response to a remote environment.


Managing Compensation in The ‘New Normal’

With the struggle to manage day-to-day operational issues a full-time affair, a discussion of compensation would seem to be a pretty low priority in most organizations… particularly since there is likely no good news to report. Like most difficult topics, however, this does need to be raised.

This article provides guidelines for managing compensation while dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and a look at what to expect moving forward.



CapinCrouse Named a 2020 Top 200 Firm

We want to extend a big thank you to our nonprofit clients and dedicated team members who make our firm’s continued success possible. We’re honored to have been named a Top 200 Firm by INSIDE Public Accounting for the fourth consecutive year, and we couldn’t have achieved this without you.


Employee Spotlight: Ken Tan

Ken joined CapinCrouse as a Principal in 2019 and has 11 years of experience providing both advisory and assurance services to various nonprofit entities, churches, and mission organizations.

“I love being a part of a firm that is able to seamlessly pair our professional skills in public accounting with our passion to serve and support organizations that are transforming lives,” he said. Learn more about Ken.


COVID-19 Resources
We’re adding COVID-19 resources to our website continually as new information becomes available. Visit often for the latest articles, blog posts, webcasts, and news alerts.


“Insights” Series for Church Leaders
Learn about key church leadership topics with our “Insights” series on Facebook Live. We share financial, governance, and other guidance for church leaders in five minutes.

Join us on August 27 to learn about “Forecasting Cash Flows in Uncertain Times.” See other upcoming topics and watch previous “Insights” here.

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