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The Four S’s That Keep Church Leaders Awake at Night

There are many concerns that can keep church leaders awake at night. Our world is constantly changing and the issues the church of tomorrow will face will be different from those it is facing today.

This free e-book by Partner Kenneth Q. Tan, The Four S’s That Keep Church Leaders Awake at Night, delves into four key areas — sustainability, succession, structure, and security — leaders need to address to prepare their church to manage the challenges and opportunities in this ever-changing landscape.

Filled with checklists, best practices, and discussion questions for your leadership team, this e-book will help you:

  • Assess and address key sustainability factors such as differences in generational giving, strategic resource planning, and budgeting and forecasting
  • Plan for effective leadership succession
  • Be proactive with governing documents and policies that provide additional structure as you grow
  • Implement the right controls and procedures to improve security

Download your free copy today to help your church prepare for what the future will bring.

CapinCrouse E-book - The 4 Ss That Keep Church Leaders Awake at Night

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