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Information Technology vs. Cybersecurity

Information technology vs cybersecurity — what’s the difference?

Cybersecurity is no longer just an information technology problem — it’s a business risk for all nonprofit organizations. But many organizations rely on information technology (IT) staff for cybersecurity, leaving them at risk of a data breach that can have a significant negative impact on their finances and reputation.

IT and cybersecurity each require very different sets of skills, services, and responsibilities. And with new cybersecurity threats appearing all the time, IT departments can’t just add security responsibilities onto their already demanding roles.

The infographic below explains the differences between IT and cybersecurity, and why your organization needs both.

The difference between information technology and cybersecurity


If you have questions about cybersecurity at your organization or would like to discuss how we can help you reduce your organization’s risk, please contact our cybersecurity experts at [email protected]

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