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Higher Education Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise

Moody’s Investors Service reports that the risk of cyberattacks at higher education institutions is increasing. And emerging threats like cryptocurrency mining are creating new headaches and challenges.

It’s vital to assess your institution’s cybersecurity risk and steps you can take to reduce it. Here are some resources to help.

Cryptocurrency Mining Poses a New Threat to College Campuses – Cryptocurrency mining (cryptomining) is a form of malware, but with unique challenges. EdTech: Focus on Higher Education reports that cryptomining is taking aim at computers on college campuses. The article provides tips to help you mitigate this threat.

Business Risks from the Student Financial Aid Office – Higher education institutions that participate in Title IV programs have additional information security requirements. This article explains the provisions under the Graham Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) and the risks of non-compliance.

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Institution’s Cybersecurity Defenses – Many higher ed leaders may not realize the severity and scope of the threat to their institutions. These five steps will help you understand the key issues and be proactive in maintaining a secure environment.

Cyber Fitness Self-Test – Our online test will help you check the strength of your institution’s cybersecurity controls.

CapinTech offers cybersecurity services to help higher education institutions assess their information security controls and identify and address any risks and vulnerabilities.

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