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Financial Tips for Faith-Based Nonprofit Organizations

What are some of the key financial issues facing faith-based nonprofit organizations today, and what should you be doing to address them?

CapinCrouse Managing Partner Fran Brown and Kim Davis, Principal and Financial Advisor at AllianceBernstein L.P., delve into this in an episode of the Inspired Investing podcast from Bernstein.

Fran and Kim are both members of the Council of Church Advisors. During the podcast, they discuss:

  • Current issues in the faith-based nonprofit sector, including competition for donors, the cost of infrastructure, and the importance of succession planning
  • How the CapinCrouse Church Financial Health Index™ helps churches evaluate their financial health on a trend analysis as well as on a comparison basis with peer churches
  • Responsible investing
  • The traits successful organizations share
  • Tools for responsible, transparent governance of your organization’s resources
  • Why mergers and acquisitions will become increasingly important in this sector

Listen to the episode here –  Inspired Investing: Financial Tips for Faith-Based Organizations

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