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CapinCrouse Church Insights: Effective Succession Planning

Succession planning is important for all organizations, including churches. A 2022 Barna survey revealed that in the past year, 42% of pastors have seriously considered resigning from full-time ministry.* And Baby Boomers retiring and the Great Resignation are leading to increased turnover.

In our new CapinCrouse Church Insights video, Ken Tan, Partner, outlines eight elements of an effective succession plan:


You can learn more about succession planning and other important considerations for church leaders with our free e-book, The Four S’s That Keep Church Leaders Awake at Night. Download your free copy today!

If you have any questions about succession planning at your church, please contact us. We are here to help.


*“Pastors Share Top Reasons They’ve Considered Quitting Ministry in the Past Year,” Barna.

Kenneth Q. Tan

Ken Tan is a Partner at CapinCrouse. Ken has more than 12 years of public accounting and large nonprofit experience, providing both advisory and assurance services to various nonprofit entities, churches, and mission organizations. Prior to joining the firm, he managed the audits of public Fortune 100 and private multi-billion dollar companies for a Big 4 accounting firm, provided advisory and strategic planning for churches, nonprofits, and small to medium-sized businesses, and served as the controller and corporate officer for a large faith-based multi-national mission agency.

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