FAQs about Working at CapinCrouse

Have a question about our recruiting process or working at CapinCrouse? Answers to some of the most common questions are below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Internship Positions  

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Internship Positions

Q: What are the qualifications for an internship at CapinCrouse?

A: We’re looking for college juniors and rising seniors who are majoring in accounting and finance. But a position at CapinCrouse is about serving and empowering nonprofit organizations, so we’re also looking for individuals who are committed to serving with excellence, interested in working with mission-focused nonprofit organizations, and who conduct themselves with a clear sense of personal and professional integrity. Learn more about the specific job criteria and qualifications.DividerLine_Individual

Q: What types of projects can interns expect to work on?

A: Our interns gain hands-on, real-life experience by working on a variety of projects. Our nonprofit clients are diverse in their missions and operations, which means your internship will not be boring!DividerLine_Individual

Q: How does the experience I’d gain at CapinCrouse compare to what I’d gain at one of the Big Four firms?

A: You’ll gain extensive, first-hand experience at CapinCrouse. The work will be challenging and the expectations high, just like at a Big Four firm. But you’ll also have the opportunity to help empower nonprofits that are changing lives. It’s a unique – and extremely rewarding – way to put your values to work.DividerLine_Individual

Q: Are the internships paid?

A: Yes. DividerLine_Individual

Q: How many hours per week do interns work?

A: This is typically a full-time summer internship. DividerLine_Individual

Q: How long does an internship last? What are the approximate start and end dates?

A: Our internships typically run for six to eight weeks during the summer. This can vary based on office preference, school schedules, and the candidate’s availability. DividerLine_Individual

Q: Do you offer part-time internships during the school year?

A: While the majority of our interns are full-time during the summer session, any part-time internships during the school year are filled on an as-needed basis.DividerLine_Individual

Q: I’ve already graduated. Am I eligible for an internship?

A: Yes! While many of our interns are juniors or rising seniors, we welcome graduates to apply for internships as well. DividerLine_Individual

Q: When do interviews begin for spring/summer internship positions?

A: We actively recruit in the fall, with the goal of having summer internships filled by the end of November. However, we occasionally still have openings after November, and accept applications year-round.DividerLine_Individual

Q: When will I be notified if I was accepted for an internship program?

A: Our goal is to notify candidates prior to their Christmas break if they have been selected for an internship the following summer.DividerLine_Individual

Q: CapinCrouse does not recruit at my school. How can I get involved?

A: You can learn more about internships and working at CapinCrouse right here on our website, and then apply for an internship online. You can also contact us with any questions.



Associate Positions

Q: What are the qualifications for an associate position at CapinCrouse?

A: We require that you be a graduating senior or college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related finance degree. We’re also looking for individuals who want to use their skills to serve mission-focused nonprofit organizations and who conduct themselves with a clear sense of personal and professional integrity, among other requirements. Learn more about the criteria and qualifications for an associate position.DividerLine_Individual

Q: What type of orientation and training is provided for associates?

A: Our new hire orientation program begins with a week-long introduction and training session during which you’ll meet your peers from across the county. It continues with a multi-year level training program, peer advisors, and mentoring managers.DividerLine_Individual

Q: What types of projects can a first-year associate expect to work on?

A: CapinCrouse offers you the opportunity to become a well-rounded accounting professional at an accelerated pace. Graduates joining our team gain experience fast by working on a variety of assignments during their first year. And because we work with nonprofit clients across a wide range of industries, you’ll gain diverse experience.DividerLine_Individual

Q: As a first-year associate, how much travel should I expect?

A: Because we have a nationwide client base, associates must be able to travel frequently via plane and automobile.DividerLine_Individual

Q: How does the experience at CapinCrouse differ from that at other public accounting firms?

A: Because we only work with mission-focused nonprofit organizations, CapinCrouse offers the unique opportunity to develop your professional skills and career while gaining the meaningful purpose and deep satisfaction that comes from serving nonprofits that are making a real difference in the world. Our clients have complex corporate, technology, finance, accounting and tax issues, which keeps our work interesting and challenging. Many of our employees come for the profession but stay for the mission, and we think you will, too!DividerLine_Individual

Q: When do interviews begin for new associate positions?

A: Though we interview for associate positions year-round, we visit campuses and conduct the majority of our interviews with graduating seniors during the fall recruiting season (September – November). This is for positions with summer start dates. However, we’re always accepting applications and may fill additional positions during the year.DividerLine_Individual

Q: When will I be notified if I was accepted for an associate position?

A: If you are interviewing outside of the fall recruiting season, our recruiting team will stay in touch as you progress through the interview process. If you are a graduating senior interviewing during the fall for a position with a summer start date, you will typically be notified prior to your Christmas break.DividerLine_Individual

Q: Do CapinCrouse associates ever participate in mission trips with their clients?

A: This is not required, and would be an individual choice made by the employee and their client.


About CapinCrouse

Q: Where are CapinCrouse’s offices located?

A: We have offices nationwide, from Boston to Los Angeles. Our national presence and one-firm approach to serving our clients creates a wide range of opportunities for our employees. Plus, our paperless platform links everyone in the firm to each other and the resources they need, from any location. View a map of our locations and job opportunities here.DividerLine_Individual

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Team members are expected to dress in a manner suitable to a professional services firm. Conventional business suits for men and women are always appropriate. However, our standard dress code is considered “business casual.”DividerLine_Individual

Q: What is involved in the hiring process?

A: Our hiring process involves these steps:

  1. You submit your resume
  2. We’ll contact you to set up a phone interview
  3. Qualified candidates will then have an in-person interview and office tour, if applicable
  4. We’ll conduct reference and background checks
  5. If you’re selected for a position, you’ll receive an offer letter to sign


Q: Does CapinCrouse support work visas?

A: No, we do not.


Still have questions? Please contact us. We look forward to connecting with you!