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The Brooklyn Tabernacle: Ministry in a Melting Pot

From humble beginnings in a small, rundown area of inner-city New York, The Brooklyn Tabernacle has grown to a large multicultural, non-denominational church in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.

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  • Tax Considerations for Special Events

    Special events can be a good source of revenue for your organization, and annual events can grow into a strong, long-term source of funds. The key is that it takes planning. This article covers the potential tax ramifications you need to consider.

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  • Ideas for Encouraging Engagement and Support in Your Church

    The face of ministry has changed. Demographic shifts, new technologies, and changing attendee expectations require new ways of encouraging engagement and stewardship.

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  • Six Debt Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor

    This article explains six debt ratios and measurements you can use to monitor your church’s dependence on debt levels and identify any needed adjustments.

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