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Anderson University: Providing Knowledge for the Journey

Since 1911, this growing school has sought to equip men and women to have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to impact their communities and the world through their professional contributions and spiritual gifts.

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  • Four Expense Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor

    Does your church track its expense ratios? This can help you identify key trends in the outflow of resources between years. It also provides the opportunity to compare with other churches and check the reasonableness of your expenses.

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  • Renewed Attack on Minister’s Housing Allowance

    On April 6, 2016, the Freedom From Religion Foundation renewed its attack on the minister's housing allowance by filing a complaint. This is only the first step in what will probably be a several-year court proceeding.

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  • The IRS Takes These Board Financial Responsibilities Seriously – Do You?

    If you serve on the board of an organization, you’ve probably heard the term “fiduciary responsibility” and know that it applies to your role as a board member. Yet you may not be aware of exactly what that involves for board members of not-for-profit organizations.

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