Marginal Revenue Analysis

The pressures on higher education institutions to become more efficient are mounting. It’s critical to measure, analyze, communicate, and manage margins to remain financially stable.

A Marginal Revenue Analysis can help your institution identify efficiencies and provide data to help you make effective strategic decisions. It uses cost accounting to identify actual student net tuition revenue less actual faculty contribution to create a marginal contribution by various characteristics.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Expertise – CFO Colleague and CapinCrouse have decades of higher education experience you can rely on to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions
  • Insight – Use the in-depth data to identify cost savings and enhance your budgeting, operations, and strategic decision-making
  • Findings and recommendations – Each report is specific to your institution and situation
  • No future commitments or costs – We’ll show you how to keep your Marginal Revenue Analysis updated so you can perform your own best-in-class analyses for years to come

You’ll gain data to help your institution make informed decisions about the appropriate allocation, effective use, and productive investment of your limited resources.

Get the Data and Insight You Need

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Jan M. Haas, Partner
CFO Colleague
[email protected]


While we have been doing program costing internally for a number of years, the Marginal Revenue Analysis has taken our internal model to a greater level of precision and has introduced us to some new ways of looking at the data to inform operational decisions.

At the end of the engagement, we received a report of the findings and recommendations that included many actionable items to not only maintain the academic quality of our programs but also make our programs more profitable. I highly recommend a Marginal Revenue Analysis to provide your institution with greater insight into the financial performance of your programs.

Stephen Popp

Director of Finance and Accounting
Cornerstone University