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New Real-time Church Data Available


Many churches wonder how their staffing levels compare to other churches. Now you can see our current live database average of attendees to staff. This is just one of the live database averages on the CapinCrouse Church Financial Health Index™ home page.

The Index is a convenient online dashboard with key measures, ratios, benchmarks, and peer information for churches. The real-time ratios on the home page update every time new information is uploaded to the Index, and show you what participating churches are averaging in different areas.

Even if you are not a current subscriber, you can see the latest averages for cash flow and reserve, debt, and attendees to staff among our participating churches. Subscribers can log in to see additional comparative information.

If you have any questions about the Church Financial Health Index or are interested in a subscription, please contact us online or at [email protected] to learn more.


  • Gentlemen,

    I am a sole practitioner in Northern California performing audits/reviews of churches. I am interested
    in subscribing to your Health Index. Please forward to me information about the subscription cost and


    Phil Medlin, CPA

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