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A New Look for the CapinCrouse Church Financial Health Index Website

We’re delighted to introduce a new feature on the CapinCrouse Church Financial Health Index website: real-time database averages of specific ratios in the Index.

These averages demonstrate the power of this convenient online dashboard. The averages update every time new information is uploaded to the Index. So even if you are not a current subscriber, you can see the latest averages of our participating churches. Subscribers can log in to see additional comparative information.

Why compare to other churches? Ratios can be a key indicator of how a church is functioning, but they become even more valuable when compared with peers. Overall averages provide an objective measure of performance in specific areas. While the averages presented on this web page are overall database averages (not limited by church size), Index subscribers can select peers based on number of attendees and other parameters. This allows your church to select a more specific composition of peers, which in turn makes the average more focused.

Upcoming posts will discuss the three ratios shown on the Index home page, along with their benchmarks:

  • Annual Contributions per Average Adult Attendee
  • Debt per Average Adult Attendee
  • Annual Contributions per Average Adult Attendee

If you have any questions about the Church Financial Health Index or are interested in a subscription, please contact us to learn more.

Sarah Thompson

Sarah joined CapinCrouse in August 1997. She has acquired a broad range of experience through serving a wide range of clients within the nonprofit industry, including colleges, seminaries, churches, Christian schools, church extension funds, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations. She is a member of the Uniform Guidance team.

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