Whistleblower Protection Policy and Hotline Monitoring Service

All nonprofit organizations are at risk for fraud, but a whistleblower protection policy and fraud reporting hotline are two proven methods for reducing your organization’s fraud risk.

In its Occupational Fraud 2022: Report to the Nations, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) noted that:

  • Tips are consistently the most common method for detecting fraud, accounting for 42% of all fraud detected at the organizations in the study. This is nearly three times as many cases as the next most common method of detection.
  • Fraud schemes were detected by tip in 47% of cases at organizations with hotlines, compared to 31% at organizations without them.
  • Median fraud losses were 50% lower at organizations with a hotline than those without.
Protect Your Organization from Irregularities and Wrongdoing

Our dedicated team of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) can assist you in creating and implementing an effective whistleblower protection policy. We also can provide and monitor a confidential fraud reporting hotline for your organization.

This can help protect your organization from financial, accounting, and internal control irregularities or wrongdoing by:

  • Establishing a process for employees to submit good-faith concerns
  • Assuring employees and others that they will be protected from retaliation
  • Enabling your organization to detect and respond to fraud more quickly if it should occur
Services to Fit Your Organization’s Specific Needs

The CapinCrouse Whistleblower Protection Policy and Hotline Monitoring Service includes the following components. These can be purchased individually or collectively to meet your needs:

  • Whistleblower Protection Policy Creation – We will draft a policy and coordinate with legal counsel
  • Whistleblower Protection Policy Implementation – We’ll assist with the procedural implementation of your approved policy
  • Whistleblower Hotline Monitoring and Reporting – Through this annual subscription, we will provide and monitor an anonymous and confidential 24/7 fraud reporting hotline for your organization
  • Incident Review – If fraud is suspected or detected, we will conduct an interview, draft a report, and communicate with the designated authority
Additional Nonprofit Fraud Monitoring Services

We also offer these fraud monitoring services:

  • Confidential exit interviews with employees leaving your organization
  • Confidential review of employee disciplinary action documentation and procedural/policy compliance
  • Board policy governance monitoring of treatment of personnel

CapinCrouse is committed to helping your nonprofit maintain high standards of ethical, moral, and legal conduct in the operation of your organization. Please contact us to learn more about how this service can benefit your organization.

We also offer the CapinCrouse Fraud Checkup, which provides a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s fraud rusk and meaningful recommendations to reduce it.