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How Healthy Is Your Church? New Service Provides a Checkup

If you’re like many Americans, an annual checkup is the one time a year you go to the doctor even though you feel healthy. That’s because checkups can help you discover and manage potential issues, prevent problems before they start, or provide reassurance that you’re in good health.

Likewise, churches can benefit from a checkup of their operational health, even if they believe everything is going well.

To maintain good operational health for their ministries, today’s church leaders need to keep up with ever-changing regulations and tax laws, maintain the right controls and procedures to protect against fraud, and provide accurate and meaningful financial reporting. This requires a significant investment of time and effort.

CapinCrouse has been serving churches for more than 40 years, and we have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities churches face. We used that experience to develop the new CapinCrouse Church Checkup™, which provides a comprehensive analysis of your church’s operational health.

The Church Checkup is designed to empower churches of all sizes with financial insight, objective analysis, and meaningful recommendations. And because no two churches are the same, this service is customizable.

It consists of five unique areas of service, which can be purchased individually or collectively to meet your specific needs:

And just as your doctor discusses any health concerns and test results with you, at the end of your Church Checkup you’ll receive a confidential, customized report with an executive summary of our findings and recommendations, including sample policies and action steps and tips.

You can learn more about the Church Checkup and how it can empower your church at or by contacting us to discuss your church’s needs.

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