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Simplify and Streamline Your Month-End Closing Process

With the number of tasks that come with closing out each month successfully, it’s no wonder many nonprofit organizations struggle with the process. Some teams find the month-end close process overwhelmingly time-consuming, while others overlook key steps or run into obstacles.

There are many benefits to having a thorough and streamlined month-end close process. This:

  • Saves your team time and effort
  • Reduces the opportunity for omissions and errors, resulting in more accurate reporting
  • Provides your team and your board with an accurate and timely view of the organization’s health each month, so you can quickly spot and address any issues or challenges
  • Makes your organization audit-ready at the end of each month, reducing the time and effort spent preparing for a financial statement audit at the end of your fiscal year

If your organization needs assistance with the month-end close process, CapinCrouse can help. The new CapinCrouse Month-End Close Service can help you identify obstacles that may be affecting your organization’s ability to close out each month quickly and accurately, and then recommend steps to help you overcome them.

Our team will review your processes and help you identify the necessary tasks for a successful month-end close, making the process more efficient, accurate, and timely. This can save you time and effort while providing more useful results.

You’ll receive the tools you need for a streamlined, accurate, and effective month-end close process:

Monthly Closing Checklist of tasks and procedures, such as bank and investment reconciliations, fixed assets, accounts payable, and more. If you already use a checklist, we can review it to help identify any missing elements or potential obstacles and recommended solutions.

Monthly Closing Calendar to help you visualize and manage when the items in the Monthly Closing Checklist and other necessary operational tasks should occur.

The Month-End Close Service is customizable to fit your organization’s needs. Please contact us to learn more.


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